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Important dates

Technical papers: February 8, 2009

Author notification: March 8, 2009

Camera-ready copy: March 31, 2009

Workshop proposals: February 15, 2009

Workshop notification: March 1, 2009

Tutorial proposals: February/March, 2009

Tutorial notification: March/April, 2009

Conference: June 29th - July 3rd 2009

Co-located events

ICMT 2009 International Conference on Model Transformation

SC 2009 International Conference on Software Composition

SEAFOOD 2009 Software Engineering Approaches For Offshore and Outsourced Development . 2-3 July

TAP 2009 Third International conference on Tests and Proofs

























The TOOLS 2009 conference

Following the successful editions of 2007 and 2008, TOOLS EUROPE will be organized again at ETH Zurich in the first week of July 2009 (June 29th to July 3rd).

The conference covers all modern approaches to software development, with a special but not exclusive emphasis on O-O and components. It combines a selective refereeing process and an overwhelming concern with quality with a strong practical emphasis.

Call for Contributions

Contributions are solicited on all aspects of object technology and neighboring fields, in particular model-based development, component-based development, and patterns (design, analysis and other applications); more generally, any contribution addressing topics in advanced software technology fall within the scope of TOOLS. Reflecting the practical emphasis of TOOLS, contributions showcasing applications along with a sound conceptual contribution are particularly welcome. All contributions will be subject to a rigorous selection process - maximum acceptance rate of 25% - by the international Program Committee, with a stress on originality, practicality and overall quality. We expect to publish the proceedings in Springer's LNBIP. You can download the call for contributions here.

Hosting your event

One of the features of TOOLS 2009, already successfully experimented in TOOLS 2008, is to serve as a host for a number of software-related events. Already included among the TOOLS 2009-hosted events are ICMT 2009 (International Conference on Model Transformation), SEAFOOD 2009 (Software Engineering Approaches For Offshore and Outsourced Development), TAP 2009 (International conference on Tests and Proofs) and SC 2009 (International Conference on Software Composition).

Hosting an event (conference or workshop) at TOOLS presents several advantages, including handling of all organizational matters by the TOOLS staff and the possibility for participants of attending all other events such as keynotes, tutorials and social events. Contact the TOOLS organizers if you are interested in co-hosting possibilities.

The TOOLS conference series

The TOOLS conference series started in 1989 and, over the following 15 years, held 45 sessions: TOOLS EUROPE, TOOLS USA, TOOLS PACIFIC, TOOLS CHINA and TOOLS EASTERN EUROPE. TOOLS played a major role in the spread of object-oriented and component technologies; many seminal software concepts now taken for granted were first discussed at TOOLS, taking advantage of the informal, application-oriented, technically intense and marketing-free atmosphere of the conference. Invited speakers have included countless luminaries of science and industry such as Kent Beck, Robert Binder, Peter Coad, Alistair Cockburn, Steve Cook, James Coplien, Brad Cox, Miguel de Icaza, John Dvorak, Martin Fowler, Erich Gamma, Adele Goldberg, Richard Helms, Tony Hoare, Ivar Jacobson, Philippe Kahn, Alan Kay, Bertrand Meyer, Jim Miller, Robin Milner, David Parnas, Trygve Reenskaug, Michael Stal, Dave Thomas, David Taylor, Tony Wasserman and many others.

After an interruption of four years TOOLS has started again, successfully hosted by ETH Zurich twice, in 2007 and 2008 (see the TOOLS 2008 page). TOOLS has broadened its scope beyond the original topics of object technology and component-based development to encompass all modern, practical approaches to software development, in keeping with the traditional TOOLS spirit of technical excellence, focus on practicality, combination of theory and applications, and reliance on the best experts from academia and industry. The 2009 session, organized as a convenient combination of software conferences over an action-packed week, will uphold that spirit and should be the best TOOLS ever.